Jun 11, 2019

DevOps Engineer

  • Kessel Run
  • Boston, MA, USA
Full time Computer Science Engineering Information Technology

Job Description

At Kessel Run, our technology stack is always evolving and right now we're keenly focused on developing and exposing managed services to internal users through self-service management APIs built on top of the Kessel Run platform. Using public cloud is pretty cool, but if you're up for building services that compete with public cloud and is running the world’s most interesting hybrid cloud come join us! We have small teams, we move fast and we're offering and building on top of managed services that take advantage of industry best practices and open source solutions.

As a DevOps engineer in the System Security and Communication (SysComm) team, you can play a major part in this effort to evolve the Kessel Run platform and enable our strategy for creating highly inventive technology solutions for our Airmen. This job requires a developer who is focused on operations and ensuring our managed services rarely need any humans involved to keep them running and maintained. There is a large gap between setting up an open source system once and making that system reliable and available instantly at the click of a button or via an API call.

As a DevOps Engineer , you'll be responsible for:

• Becoming a subject matter expert (SME) of several internal, distributed and managed services
• Automating the installation, configuration and maintenance of services on the Kessel Run platform • Managing system-level performance tuning to optimize for reliability and efficiency
• Guiding software releases and activations for new features and platform configuration while prioritizing safety
• Supporting users by consulting on their designs and guiding their use of the Kessel Run's hybrid cloud

Part of our Kessel Run Engineering Services organization, the DevOps Security team is in charge of developing global managed services for use by internal teams for economically deploying highly scalable products. These systems operate behind the scenes to secure our network, help application product teams bring their latest ideas to the field faster and provide the fault-tolerant and highly-scalable core of Kessel Run's platform as a service for internal users.

Education and Experience

Applicants must meet one of the following education and experience requirements:

•1- 2 years of relevant experience and a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent or
• Relevant experience and a Master's degree or PhD for the senior roles

Required Skills

• ~1+ year of experience with Linux
• ~1+ year of experience with programming languages such as Python, Go or Bash
• ~1+ year of experience with CI/CD tools (e.g. Jenkins, Travis, gitlab ci)
• ~1+ year of experience with Kubernetes or Istio
• ~1+ year of experience with different cloud service models (e.g. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Serverless)

Desired Skills

• Linux System Administration Knowledge (e.g. server administration, internals, package management)
• Experience with container technology and microservices
• Experience with deployment/configuration management tools (e.g. Ansible, puppet, chef, fabric) • Experience with Monitoring/Logging/Performance Analytics (e.g.. Logstash/Kibana, DataDog, Splunk, FluentD)

• Experience operating fault-tolerant distributed systems (e.g. Redundancy, Availability Zones, Data Reliability)
• Experience with SQL and noSQL database technologies such as PostgreSQL, Redis, Kafka, or Cassandra

• Experience with AWS or Azure or Oracle Cloud or equivalent technologies (e.g. EC2, EBS, RDS, Elasticache, Kinesis)