Mar 25, 2019

Senior Campaign Manager

  • Color of Change
  • New York City, NY, USA
Full time All Majors Welcomed

Job Description

Color Of Change is hiring full-time Senior Campaign Manager in Oakland, New York, or Washington DC. For this position, we’re looking for strong writers with strategic insight  and previous digital campaigning and/or communications experience. The right candidate will be committed to getting results in a fast-paced environment and be able to handle competing priorities. This position is ideal for a highly organized, detail-oriented individual with a strong interest and/or background in digital organizing, communications and the field of racial justice.

Successful candidates will:

  • Develop strategy for and work on campaigns across one or more of Color Of Change’s areas of focus, including Criminal Justice, Economic Justice, Democracy, and Media Justice.
  • Manage 1-2 Campaign Managers in developing issue-based, impact-driven digital campaigns and related assets.
  • Report to a Senior Campaign Director or Campaign Director within a broader issue-based campaign department.
  • Maintain a strong working relationship with staff across the Campaigns Team and other departments within Color Of Change.
  • Extensive travel for campaign related actions, conferences, and for staff gatherings.


To succeed as a Senior Campaign Manager, we’ve identified three areas of responsibility -- roughly grouped into Campaigns, Technology and Communications.


  • Live in the 24/7 news cycle. Monitor political and social events in your core areas for their potential to become campaigns, and help foster a “news junkie” culture at Color Of Change.
  • Generate campaign ideas. Be an idea fountain, constantly tossing out campaign ideas. Some will be decent, some will be downright horrible, some will change the game.
  • Strategize. With the support of the Senior Campaign Director, develop campaign plans with strong theories of change, using both proven and experimental online and offline tactics, but …
  • Iterate. Constantly revise your plans in response to real-world developments. Flexibility is your middle name.
  • Develop campaigns with a strategic theory of change that engage members to take action and pressure targets to make real-world change in alignment with COC’s mission and overall strategy.
  • Create campaign assets (emails, social media content, creative tactics).
  • Manage people and projects. Oversee campaign manager(s), external consultants, relationships with movement partners and be able to work well within a team structure.
  • Evaluate. Is it working? Rigorously analyze data, report out on the impact of our campaigns and learn, learn, learn.
  • Build coalitions and partnerships with others in the effort of winning real-world change on your key issues.


  • Innovate. Experiment with creative ways of leveraging technology to make good things happen; and know how to measure what "good" means.
  • Use our tools. Adeptly use our suite of online organizing tools (ActionKit) to stage email blasts, landing pages, donation pages, etc. Basic familiarity with HTML (and/or SQL) and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Manage campaign-related tech projects. Including scoping and spec'ing out web tools. You don't need to be an engineer, but you may need to talk to one.


  • Write. Create powerful, persuasive and poppy emails, blog posts, op-eds, text messages, press releases, etc. If the pen is mightier than the sword, your pen must be mighty indeed.
  • Make headlines. Have the skills and instincts to make campaigns newsworthy and generate press coverage to help them win.
  • Sum it up. Quickly synthesize information and communicate it back out to multiple audiences – members, staff, allies, etc.
  • Participate actively on the team. Be an active member on your department team, our Campaigns Team and COC-wide Team to share responsibility in developing an inclusive, learning-based culture that runs campaigns that make real world change in the lives of Black people.


In this role and organization, strategic thinking  and writing ability are paramount. While experience in a similar role in the civil rights sector is not required, experience in communications and a commitment to civil rights and racial justice is. A qualified candidate should have:

  • Exceptional writing skills. The ability to communicate information clearly is fundamental to this role. You will be asked to draft campaign documents, edit others, and communicate with a variety of internal and external stakeholders to develop campaign assets.
  • Effective communication skills. The ability to clearly communicate with the staff you are working within the organization is paramount; especially in fast-paced moments, you’ll need to be clear and ask for clarity in return.
  • A coherent racial justice analysis and an ability to effectively use a Black/racial justice frame of reference to write strong and persuasive campaign and/or other engagement materials.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit. This ambitious drive is necessary for owing the work in your issue area and should also be combined with the ability to be creative and work quickly.
  • Top-notch organization skills. If the books on your bookshelf are in alphabetical order, your notes utilize colors with specific meanings, and you find long to-do lists energizing, we want to talk to you! There’s a lot to keep track of in this role, and nothing can fall through the cracks. Meeting quick deadlines is key.
  • A commitment to confidentiality. In this role, you’ll have a window into movement and organizational politics at the highest level – confidentiality is key.
  • Constructive optimism. The work that we do – be it political, organizing, or creative – is all about the art of the possible. While we’re looking to remedy deep structural issues, our progress comes incrementally – a series of wins, some small and some large, that help advance us closer to the systemic change we seek.
  • Management skills. While management experience is not a prerequisite for this role, skills in developing talent -  training, coaching, planning, delegation and accountability will be important to development in the management part of this position.